Book Christmas Gift

Book Christmas Gift:

Do you still need to do some Christmas gift shopping? Consider giving a copy of Spiritual Warfare as a Christmas gift to family or friends! The price was lowered recently for both the eBook and Paperback versions for this very occasion. Author Nevin White wanted to provide a lower cost opportunity for you to buy a copy if you have been considering it in general or to be able to provide it for someone you think might enjoy it.

Check out this recent quote by an Amazon reviewer about the book: “Great food for thought! I really liked this book! Full of scripture that really pulls the themes together. I’ve already begun to read it again.” -Lisa Kay

Order a copy of Spiritual Warfare for yourself or as a book Christmas gift by visiting or exploring more of this website Enjoy the book and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

If you have questions or comments, then feel free to contact Author Nevin White. We also welcome you to connect with him on social media. If you are interested, then check out Nevin’s recent posts on his Blog and Updates section of the website. Stay tuned for more excerpts or quotes from the book and individual chapters!

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