Victory | Spiritual Warfare

Victory | Spiritual Warfare

“Throughout the book we have looked at what spiritual battles and spiritual warfare are and how to overcome the enemy on the battlefield. Ultimately, we want to establish victory in spiritual warfare and, as we have discussed, we do that through Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the weapons of our warfare.”

“I encourage you to speak victory over your life in every battle or situation, even before you see the victory. Again, this is instituting the approach of ‘prophesy your promise’ and ‘praise before your breakthrough.’ Thank Him for the victory, before you even see the outcome. We must get a word from His Word and we must stand on it.”

“In our time of turmoil, in the midst of spiritual warfare, we must pray and call upon the name of the Lord. He will answer us, and we will be victorious. We can continue interceding in prayer and praise God in advance for what we know He will do soon.”

Excerpts from: Victory | Spiritual Warfare | By Author Nevin White

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